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Creating and Giving Back

My work with The Hill tribe people of Thailand 

In early 2017 we began working alongside the Rain Tree Foundation with Ban La Up and Nai Soi villages in Thailand to create original, authentic pieces that foster empowerment, dialogue, and awareness.

We believe the collaboration will generate important additional mutual benefits beyond the commercial and aesthetic value of the jewelry. The Lawa and Karenni people that live in these villages face poverty, racial discrimination, disease, and extreme lack of opportunity for young people. This collaboration with Houser will create economic opportunity, growth, and cultural awareness.

The Story

Each month we'll post more about the story of our collaboration -- the joys, the challenges, the human stories of working together to craft great jewelry, and a better life.

Hilltribe Silver_4a.jpg

Works in progress

Over the next months, and years we will be working on new pieces inspired and crafted by our partnership with the Hill Tribe people of Thailand. We'll be sharing these works in progress as they come to life. 

Our Partner The Rain tree Foundation

Without a local partner in Thailand it would be impossible to really make a difference. We're honored to work with the Rain Tree Foundation, a non-profit based in Chiang Mai.